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Rain in Vermont.

The first vacation in two years. We are in Vermont with the Montgomerys. The remnants of hurricane Bill are pelting us. It is not bad to be forced inside. we play games, we play on our computers. There were great naps had. I can hear several playing “pick up sticks” in the kitchen. Our six year old is having fun. I am relaxed. I wish we had better sleep. The Saxton’s River Inn in near the alarm for the volunteer firemen. So far the alarm has sounded every night. Last night it was 2:30 am. ugh. At least it did not wake Andrew.Vermont smells good. I had forgotten how damp it is. Many a bug is out and about. We have had some great bike rides, at least Andrew and  I have. It is really wonderful to ride with a six year old. He loves it, but he is very earnest. We got about 5 miles in today.

Write your congressman

Wrote to all three of my congressmen. I wanted to express my feelings on the alleged “bail out bill.” I got a response from one of them, Sherrod Brown. Can you believe that any of the folks who want to spend a trillion dollars of taxpayer money on a risky scheme that has no real basis in history is not bothering to respond. 

Who will stand for this city?

Is there a leader in Cleveland who can actually be trusted to do something good for the city? For the county? Do you trust any of them? Mayor Jackson? The county commissioners? Sam Miller? Scot Wolstein? Don’t we deserve better?So let me get this straight. We are going to have a new Medical Mart and it is going to be on the Mall. Why there? Why was this decided so suddenly? Why is the Port intent on moving? Why is that a good idea? 

Colder than a well digger’s A**

It is supposed to go into the “aughts” tonight. It  will stay there for the rest of the week. We have this every year. It has been pretty much that way since I was a kid. I am strangely comforted by it while (as I mentioned this morning) slightly freaked by the loss of freedom (don’t say “control”). I wonder whether we will have another cold snap a little later. Has anyone else noticed that we are seeing more articles form scientists about the lack of a scientific consensus on Global Warning and its causes?  

Cold is coming

January in Cleveland has always, as long as I can recall, had a week of temperatures near zero or at zero. Our time is coming later this week. It will hit 4 on Thursday night. Unlike some years, we will have a lot of snow. I remember lots of snow as a kid, maybe with advantages. This kind of cold always generates a vague disease: what if we need to be outside? 


What a wind! What is left of Ike has blown through Cleveland, bringing 30 to 50 mile per hour wind. It was a lot of fun to sit outside and read a book while the wind just kept

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