I must confess that I have lost almost all interest in politics. There are several reasons. First, the candidates are not inspiring, or at least not inspiring to me. I have been on too many disappointing rides at this amusement park. I want to see a leader with some bonafide experience running something. I want someone to promise to leave me alone. I want to have some confidence that this person is a reasonably competent administrator who has a view on what the government should do for citizens and a clear view on what America’s mission is in the world. The leader needs to understand these issues and be able to articulate them. There must be a theme.

Most importantly, stop spending my money like a drunken sailor. Stop adding programs and laws on top of laws. Do we need a “safety net,” sure. Can we afford a safety net? Sure. But what is it? It is not an entitlement. It is a means. It is what kind and compassionate people do, more or less voluntarily for members of their society. So how do we help people? It certainly isn’t by paying them to live in semi dangerous places with neither hope or incentive to get out.

Do we exist in a world? Well of course, but to exist in it, doesn’t mean to dictate to it. We will protect our own. We will help fledgling democracy where it is. We will stand for freedom. We will have trade agreements that make sense. We cannot be isolationist, but we are not the cops of the world. Communism doesn’t work but it is the old fear. Radical Islam is the new bogeyman. We need to deal with those who kill or injure Americans by design harshly and without regret. when states sponsor radical islam, they need to be dealt with harshly and without regret or shame.


Does everyone deserve respect? In America yes. That means your rights are protected. But your rights are fairly bare bones. They are spelled out in a document as modified by some court decisions. Your expectations on the other hand need to be managed, by you. We cannot abide the minority subjugation that comes from multiculturalism and political correctness. It you don’t agree with me, learn to debate. Publish your own drivel. Don’t send me death threats.

But does any of the current crop of candidates seem competent? Clinton? Not really honest and has shown no real competence at anything. Bush? Competent at what? He was a two term governor who was okay. But does anyone want to see that carnage of a Clinton or a Bush running again?

And the rest of the bunch looks pretty callow. Haven’t we seen enough of callow recently?