At least it is for me. I have a wonderful VW Campmobile. It does not have CarPlay or any of those equivalents. It has a single DIN space for a head unit. So my phone is my source of music. I have it mounted on the dash on a little magnetic mount. And of course I can’t change the settings to “never” require a password due to some security software that I am running. Do you think that iPhone can recognize my face from 3 feet away? Never. So if I want a song, I have to enter my pass code. Then I have to find the song. Doing both takes longer than my eyes should be off the road.

If Siri were better, I could just ask for the song. But remember, this is a VW Campmobile. It was built in 1985. I have actually put sound deadening mat inside the doors and on the hard surfaces and it is still pretty loud. Siri comes up with some very entertaining offerings when asked for specific songs. Sometimes I am not in the mood to be entertained that way.

You are likely saying to yourself “get a modern, quiet car.” Well, if you have ever met anyone with a Campmobile (often called a Westfalia) you know that is not going to happen. Imagine driving a vehicle where every time you drive it, people talk to you about it, give you a thumbs up, wave, etc… The strange thing is that you’d think this would just be former hippies. But the love of the Campmobile spans races, genders, and probably creeds, though I don’t really ask. And yes, I have a modern car, its a Volvo C 70, a convertible, so any time it is dry and over 55 degrees, I have the same problem.

I know, these are first world problems. But these are technologies that I really want to like. But I don’t. Frankly, if the iPhone 13 came with an option for fingerprint recognition, I would take it.