If you have practiced law for any length of time, you will find yourself thinking some version of: The practice of law would be great if it were not for other people.

It isn’t just lawyers, its true of every team. There are people who do not advance the ball. They have arguments, they have facts and they may in some respects be right, but at the end of listening to them, the answer is: so what is your plan? How do we move forward? If that is how we move forward, what does that look like and are you prepared to live with that?

The world is full of people who pontificate; that doesn’t help. Have a plan, understand the risks and the benefits. Discuss your plan. How complicated is it? How can it be simplified? If you succeed, are you prepared to live with what success looks like.

If you are the only one with a plan to move forward, then you have the best plan. Challenge those who pick it apart to come up with their own plan.

In the end, as lawyers, we are hired to solve a problem. That is the goal. So you have to actually do that. You can be right all you want, but if you are not solving the problem, you are merely a distraction, an impediment.