Why don’t members of congress have real email addresses? Members have these “contact pages” where you fill out a form to send a message. Every time I write to my congress person, the estimable Marcia Fudge, she sends me an email response. I think she has five or six canned responses. She never seems to actually address anything I wrote; mostly it is pablum that rambles on about the general topic. The same is true of the clueless Sherrod Brown. But if one hits “reply” to a member’s  message the reply does not get delivered. You have to go back to the “form” and send another message. What are these people trying to insulate themselves from? Dialogue? Interaction with constituents? Does this seem screwed up to you?In Ohio, as in a number of midwest states, we need to have a really serious debate about “cap and trade” and what this will do to the state’s economy. It is all well and good to want to create “clean” energy and to decrease the amount of soot going into the air. It is also laudable to want to decrease our dependance on oil that is so often under the control of wackos or potential wackos.However, do we need to kill the coal industry right now? Do we need to impose an additional layer of tax on a section of the country that is in a rough place before there are good alternatives.This is what M. Fudge and S. Brown ought to be  to be having dialogue about this with their constituents, but they have avoided the most potent method. Why?