1. The governments, federal state and local, spend too much. Locally, government is very careless with our money – The Ameritrust Project, the “new” voting machines, the various instances of corruption that are being investigated by the FBI, Earle Turner, the list goes on. Nationally, look at the “stimulus package”and its pork. Look at the sweet deals to unions. Look at the fact that 40% (this is CNN’s number) of people in the US who  pay no taxes. How do we feel the need to give so many things to people who are willing to do nothing to help themselves.2. The thing that backs money in the short term is finite. There is only so much “value” at any given time. So, when the US Government borrows vast sums, it has to borrow that money from somewhere. That means, unless the government, or some government prints money, there is no more to lend. That means that there is no money, or there is only very costly money, available to borrow to build that new plant or to start that new business. So when the government sucks money out, unless it is building plants that employ people, it is not going to be useful to growing the economy.3. Governments are poor managers. Their incentives are all wrong. The John Murtha Airport was not built because the area needed another airport. It was a bone thrown by Murtha to his constituents. When the Government essentially nationalized GM, every Senator and representative was ready to pounce when a dealership was to be closed in his district. Never mind that this could be the worst dealership in the world and sold no cars. That representative had every incentive to pretend that he was protecting jobs. The nature of the job breeds short term thinking directed at a small geographic area.4. The government answer to  raising revenue is to raise taxes or fees. Are tax rates going down? Are fees going down? The federal local and state governments now take over 40% of every dollar produced. Federal government employment numbers are not going down.  This is systemic and knows no party label. But, back to the point on value, to the extent that money goes to the government, it is not otherwise useful. It will not be invested in that new plant, that new idea or that new dishwasher. Governments do buy dishwashers, but not in great numbers and seldom efficiently.5. So what do we do? Insist on fiscal responsibility. Insist on competence.  Ask questions and if you don’t get answers that make sense, vote for someone else. Insist on better candidates. Write letters. Be pissed off. It is your money and your world. This country does not belong to illegal aliens, welfare mothers, Chairmen of Wall street investment houses or gang bangers. It belong to all of us who vote and pay our  taxes. Lets insist on being served.